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What is the David Allen Online Street Team?

It's a group of people who believe in David Allen and his music and who are dedicated to getting the word out in "cyberspace" and in the "real world" about David Allen! We'll accomplish this goal through e-mailing, posting in newsgroups and on message boards and any other way we can think of! If you'd like to be a part of this team, visit the link below and sign up for the's that easy!

So, what are you waiting for...join us! Think about it...David's going to be famous one day and you can be a part of the team that helped to get him there!

Join the Street Team -


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The above are flyers made up by team member Renee Pierce. Print these flyers out and put them up anywhere anyone will let you!

Current Team Members:

David Allen
Renee Pierce
Terri Pine
Cecilia Saavedra
Peg Kayser
Lou Brock
Jan Baxter
Jennifer Doyle
Karen Ayala
Lisa Eckl
Crissy R. Aynsley
Maria Fernandez
Natalie Kuehling
Kathy Sheridan
Kathy Latif
Angie Underhill
Cristina Theona
Njapuh Nana
Julia Oliver
Jennifer Schang
Haley Maxwell

If you don't wish to join the team, but have a website and would like to help by placing a banner or link on your site, please e-mail the webmaster and she'll send you a banner right away! In return, we'll be glad to display your banner or link on our site! If you wish to just display a link with no banner, please let the webmaster know so that she can add your link to our site!

Websites displaying our banner or link . . . Thank You, Webmasters!

Terri's Richard Marx Tribute
The Titan Studios Backlot
Sarah Jane's Dr. Who Micropedia
The Alternate Realities Homepage
The Dark Range Mirror Site
Robert's Monkees Headquarters
The USS Zhukov RPG

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