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October 25, 2005

Well, it's been WAY too long in between updates, and for that, I apologize. I've been in 'break' mode, not doing too much in the way of music. But I recently had a chance to pass my music along to about 150 families at a special Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare picnic.

While I was unable to attend the event, Christine Pulkrabek (from Gillette) was kind enough to bring 'Tomorrow's Child - a lullaby' and 'forever and a day' to hand out at the festivities. We gave each family that was there both cd's, and it was my way of letting families know about Gillette, and everything they did for my family when Lexi was going thru her therapy. I'm also hoping to drop by Gillette around the holidays and do a little music and cd giveaway as well. And I know the UW-River Falls Dance Marathon is coming up soon too. So stay tuned to this web site for updated info.

Again, I'm so sorry for not being around much in the last year, but when I have something to share, you'll be the first to hear about it! Thanks to all of you that continue to check up on me.The kids are doing great, I'm still writing when I have the time, and who knows, maybe I'll have enough to do another cd soon? Who can really tell...

Take care all, and please keep believin',


November 14, 2004

Hi to all my friends...

It's been WAY too long between e-mails, and for that, I apologize. I've been busy at this end enjoying the days (and nights!) with my new baby boy, and haven't been doing the music 'thing' recently. But I wanted to let you know I'm gearing up for another round of charity events for 'Tomorrow's Child'. Here's the first of the details...

I'll be appearing at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls Dance Marathon for Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare on Saturday, November 20th. The students dance and do other events for about 8 hours, and I'm scheduled to speak to the group in the afternoon about how Gillette helped my family and I a couple years back (I'm sure you've read the details at =). I'll share some pictures on the TC site after it's over...

Anyway, that's the first of what I hope is many appearances to help raise money for Gillette. We're in talks to hold 'Tomorrow's Child - a benefit 2005' this Spring... I'll keep you posted on what happens! We're also hoping to have the DVD ready soon from the 2004 event (we're still editing it down). That will hopefully help raise some more money for Gillette.

Anyway, I hope this message finds you all well, and thanks to everyone that's dropped me a line to check up on me. I promise I won't keep you hanging as long between e-mails in the future!

Take care, and drop me a line when you can!

As always... keep believin',


May 24, 2004

Tomorrow's Child Benefit A First-Year Success

Well, we rounded up friends, family, and others to spend the afternoon with us, and it was a great success. With a silent auction, drawing, and CD sales, we raised over $3000 for Gillette and Children's Miracle Network. The entertainment was fantastic (if I do say so myself), and the day kicked off with Rusty's Rocking Jamboree. Russ energized and excited the crowd with a few songs, and even threw in some 'death-defying' stunts along the way, including his Pogo Stick/Juggling stunt (you have to see it to believe it). Then the River Valley Dance Team touched the crowd with 2 dance numbers, one of which brought the house down. After Intermission (and a LOT of Silent Auction bidding/giveaways), it was back inside to listen to singer/songwriter and my good friend Tommy Bentz, who electrified the house with 3 numbers from his solo CDs, including one song not yet released. Master of Ceremonies Brian Hughes, a longtime friend of mine, then introduced me, and I did 2 of my favorite songs that I felt really fit our event... Bon Jovi's acoustic version of 'It's My Life', and 'Rainbow Connection', both of which were warmly received. I then brought Tommy back out to help me with the last 2 songs, 'Again' and, of course, 'Tomorrow's Child'. Afterwards, Christine Pulkrabek (from Gillette) and I were presented with a check for $550 from my good friend Dylan Jorgenson ( and his family. They had rasied the money on behalf of Tomorrow's Child, with $500 coming from NASCAR driver Dave Blaney. It was VERY cool to have that check to add to our total.

All in all we brought in some GREAT donations, and for our first time out, I was VERY pleased. We're hoping to do it again next year, and we have a few interesting things lined up between now and then. With the help of new found friend (and stay-at-home dad), video producer Dave Weiss, we're in the planning stages of shooting my first music video, for 'Tomorrow's Child', and we're hoping to release it along with the rest of the event from the 16th on DVD, and raise even more money for Gillette. I've also been asked to perform on FOX 9, a local tv station in the Twin Cities, for their Father's Day Friday show. I'll be talking about Tomorrow's Child, and being a stay-at-home dad, as well as giving info on the Tomorrow's Child Project, and everything we're planning. I'm also tentatively scheduled to visit KARE 11 (another Twin Cities TV station) sometime around Father's Day as well, so we're hoping to keep the spotlight on Tomorrow's Child for many weeks to come. I'll also be appearing before the Gillette Board to present our check to them in the name of Tomorrow's Child next week, so I'll let you know how that goes...

I want to take a minute to thank all the people around the world wide web that helped promote the Tomorrow's Child Benefit, whether it was a write-up or interview, or a mailing or banner listing on your web sites. I appreciate EVERYTHING you've done to help give this project, and these kids, the help they all deserve.

We have some pics from the event up on the Tomorrow's Child site, and I'm working on streaming some video from the day as well. And I'll let you all know as soon as the DVD/ Video is ready to go, as it's something I'm looking forward to releasing.

Talk to you soon, and as always...

Keep Believin',


January/February 2004:

Hi all,

I wanted to drop a short note to everyone, as a lot of you have been writing me and asking how everything's going, and I haven't sent out an update in a bit. Let me say that so far, 2004 has been going VERY nicely!

***First and foremost, I found out that I am going to be a dad for the second time... we're REALLY excited, as is Lexi, as she will now have a little baby brother or sister around to take care of. So above all else, this is the best news of '04...


That's right, now you can download all my tunes ONE AT A TIME if you want... I've entered the world of online distribution. The following companies have exclusive rights to my tunes:

Rhapsody (
Buy Music (
Apple iTunes Muisc Store (
MusicNet (
Emusic (
AudioLunchbox (

The costs for each song differ from site to site, but needless to say, you can get ANY songs you want, and nothing more than that! So if you've entered into this new world, please feel free to check out my tunes!

*Tomorrow's Child Project Rolls On...

There have been other things going on with the 'Tomorrow's Child' project, and I have Linda and Dylan Jorgenson to thank for that. Linda has been kind enough to give 'TC' a prominent place on Dylan's web site. You can check it out at The TC project was created just for kids like Dylan, and I'm hoping we can raise lots of money for both charities. So THANKS to Linda for helping to spread the word... I'm also working with Gillette to get Tomorrow's Child into the KS95 (a popular Twin Cities Radio Station) Radiothon for Gillette, which is coming up in March. I am in the VERY early stages of planning a benefit show in conjunction with Gillette and CMN, and I'm hoping that will be sometime in the late Spring.

*David & Rock Remote

As far as other promotional items, please feel free to drop by a new web site for ALL things music (especially Rock). If you go to their REVIEWS section, you can post your take on my CDs, and let the world know what you think. Check it out...

*Radio Airplay

I made it onto yet another radio program overseas... here's the show's playlist:

ROCK OF AGES Radio-Show 28.12.2003,
14.00 - 15.00
auf Bermuda-Funk 105.4 MHz und NEU 89.6 MHz in Mannheim

DEF LEPPARD - Rock of Ages
ERIC MARTIN - Janie Won't Open
INFLUENCES and CONNECTINS TO MR. BIG - Green Tinted Sixties Mind (Singer Donnie Vie)
SERAPHIM (TAIWAN) - Vanishing Destruction
X (JAPAN) - Silent Jealausy
ALIAS EYE - Icarus Unworded
FALCONER - The Clarions Call
BRAINSTORM - Highs Without Lows

I'm not sure about most of those names, but to be played on a show with Def Leppard... pretty cool!

There will most definitely be other news to come, so please stay tuned. And thanks to everyone that has dropped me e-mails to see what's going on... I appreciate your support! I'm writing songs for my next CD, which will hopefully come around some time in early '05... stay tuned for demos at the site...

I hope 2004 has been good to you so far, and I'll talk to you soon.

Keep believin',


November 5, 2003

Hi all!

First off, let me apologize for being 'absent' for a few weeks... things at this end are going well, but chaotic! I've been very busy getting ready for the release of the Tomorrow's Child project, setting up gigs/appearances, lining up press, and... of course... REHEARSING! =)

It's all going to kick off in the next week, November 15th to be exact. That's my first appearance in conjunction with Gillette and the Children's Miracle Network, at Herberger's in St. Paul, Minnesota. I'll be doing 4 appearances throughout November & December, and hopefully selling TONS of the Tomorrow's Child CD, and raising LOTS of money for the foundation.

Next week, I'll be sending you the link to the project's site. You can check it out, read the story 'Behind the Project', and hopefully buy as many copies as you'd like! =)

For now, I'm looking to line up more people that would like to help promote the project/site ONLINE, by talking it up in chat rooms and message boards, and e-mailing friends & relatives. I'm going to have a GREAT incentive to getting your help, but don't want to say anything yet. Just let me know if you'd be interested in spreading the word...

If you're interested in helping in any way, just send me an e-mail, and I'll add you to the list. Just think of how good it will feel to help spread the word about an organization that works to help kids AND their families on a daily basis... you WON'T regret it!

Thanks to everyone that has e-mailed me with their support and encouragement, and I'll be talking to you ALL next week!

Until then, ALWAYS keep believin',


October 2, 2003

Hi to all my friends and fans! I hope everyone is doing well... it's getting VERY cold here in my part of the country... I'm guessing snow is just around the corner! Here's the NEWS for the week...

Tomorrow's Child Almost Ready

The Tomorrow's Child Project is moving along nicely, and should be ready to go by Mid-November. It's on to the printers this week, and should be back to me in a few weeks. I've set up some performances in conjunction with Gillette/CMN at some local Malls, to help bring awareness to both groups. Keep your eyes open to my web site for GIG arrouncements. As far as the official web site for the project goes, it should be up and running in about 3 weeks, but I'll let you know when it's ready to be visited...

If you contacted me this month to have your child draw pictures for the project, please send me an e-mail to let me know if you're still sending them to me. I'll need them right away, as we'd like to have all the pics up when the web site is launched!

MuziqueNet to feature a David Allen Update

Sandra Phillips from MuziqueNet is going to be posting an update on my music, with news about the Tomorrow's Child project, as well as all the other good stuff happening. Please be sure to visit the site starting October 1st, when the update will appear online... Sandy has been a HUGE help in getting my name and my music into the ears of the public... THANKS Sandy! And please take a minute to visit her music-related web site, because along with being the founder of MuziqueNet, she is also an accomplished singer/songwriter... give her a listen!

David Allen Finding Fans in Japan

I've been contacted by Kosaku Hiroat from Japan, and found out that my music is being featured at the following web sites...


    Now, some of it is in Japanese, but it's still pretty cool to know my music has reached yet another part of the world! Check it out!

    Broadjam Updates

    My music is still being heard at Broadjam... here's the numbers:

  • Resolution has entered the Pop - Easy Listening Top 10
  • Love Can has entered the Rock - Easy Listening Top 10

    Thanks again to everyone that has been visiting and listening to my tunes!!

    I'm still waiting to hear back from the 2 movies that might be featuring my music, and I'll let you know if and when anything happens. Thanks to everyone that has been sending along 'Good Luck' wishes for my Tomorrow's Child Project, and also offered their help... it is VERY MUCH appreciated!

    Until next time...


    September 3, 2003

    Hi all,

    Just a quick note to let everybody know that I made the Top 100 for the CDBaby Compilation CD... just barely, at #99! While that doesn't sound like much to brag about, I checked into just how many artists were considered for this project. As of today, there are 44,935 artists selling their CDs at CDBaby, and all were eligible for this CD... which puts me in pretty elite company there!

    So THANK YOU to all of you that picked up a copy of my CD during this Promotional drive... I appreciate it a TON!

    More NEWS will be coming next week on a bunch of different topics, so keep you inbox clear for me!

    Talk to you soon, and as ALWAYS...

    Keep believin',